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Three Facts Every Agent Should Know About Today's Environment

Fact 1: 75% of today’s buyers put less than 20% down.

Fact 2: This percentage of buyers falls into two categories.

  1. Review special financing programs
  2. Quick audit of your listing
    • Targeting first-time homebuyers
      • Missouri properties with a list price of $250,200 and less
      • Illinois properties (in Madison, Monroe, St. Clair Counties) with a list price of $259,615 and less
    • Enticing conventional conforming homebuyers
      • Lower down payment (5% to 15%)
      • No PMI
      • PowerPlus® Piggyback Mortgage (Check out our PowerPlus Calculator!)
  3. Complete your listing campaign with a First Integrity Special Financing Marketing Kit
    • Our kit includes
      • One or two attention-grabbing tabletop information easel(s) to alert potential buyers that special financing is available on your listing
      • Two to four informational flyers describing special financing programs
      • One special financing yard sign (right-click the link to download the sign) – this numbered sign is listing specific, which means when clients call for the special financing information, they key in your assigned listing number. Clients are then contacted by a First Integrity loan officer who determines their needs. With client permission, the loan officer will phone you with customer contact information.
      • One 4”x12” static-cling special financing decal (ideal for mirrors and/or countertops)
  4. Complete the Special Financing Marketing Kit request form, and fax or email it to the contact information listed at the bottom of the form.

Listing Competition – Be Pro-Active!

Quality listings are in demand! In today’s market, the job of full-service Realtors® is challenging. Discount commission companies, “For Sale By Owner” considerations as well as competition from other full-service companies make the competition keen.

By ordering a sample Special Financing Marketing Kit from First Integrity, you can stack the deck in your favor on listing appointments. Demonstrate to your sellers the extra advantages special financing can bring to the sale of their home by choosing you as their agent.

Order your Special Financing Marketing Kit by completing the request form and faxing or emailing it to the contact information at the bottom of the form.

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